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Beach Bike 'N Beers Afternoon Cruise


Bike Tour Marina.jpg

Our team had a great time on this tour and it had something for everyone (beers, drinks, snacks, beach, culture, stories, and bike riding). The stops we made were very accommodating and the hosts were energetic and incredibly fun! I would highly recommend this!

Tyler, February 2019

Bikes Group Mission.jpg

Jeremy & Alex were such wonderful hosts. They're passionate about Ocean Beach and making sure that everyone has a fantastic time on their experience. I would highly recommend this experience if you want a local experience in San Diego :)


Rachel, February 2019

JAB MB sign.jpg

Capt. Ron and Alex were amazing tour guides. Very doable bike ride and great food and drink along the way. Great way to get introduced to OB and mission beach! Feels like meeting up with old friends. An incredible experience!


Alex, January 2019

What we’ll do:

We meet in OB, San Diego’s best hippie doggie beach scene for a meet and greet with your amazing hosts, CR Jeremy and Golden Alex, a cold beer, and OB & tour introduction. From there we’ll jump on the bikes and cruise the San Diego River Bike Path, Mission Bay, and the marina on our way to the heart of the world famous Mission Beach and Belmont Park stopping at a few local spots along the way for snacks, more beers, and to say hello to some of the Capitan’s local beach bum friends. The tour will end back in OB just before happy hour ends and the sunset comes at another of OB’s many hidden gem drinking spots. Lots of priceless photo opportunities and a great day in the California Sun with some of the coolest people around.

What we’ll provide:

Bikes and optional, but highly recommended, helmets are provided. We will also provide you water to drink and sunscreen if you need it. One beer at each stop, and snack or two along the way. Guided tour of OB, Mission Bay, and several marinas. You’ll be treated like a local and get to hang out with “CR” Jeremy, meet some great friends, and discover some great local hang outs.

Who can come?

Guests 21 and over may attend

Ocean Beach Coffee Cart Bike Tour


OB Tiki Port.JPG

We had a great time with Jeremy and Alex. They showed us around and gave us some wonderful suggestions while staying in Ocean Beach. They’re very chill and relaxed and we had a wonderful time getting to know them! Would highly recommend this experience!!

Kevin, January 2019

OB Coffee Cart.jpg

Jeremy and Alex are very friendly, upbeat people who know a lot about the community and do everything they can to make you feel welcome! There are several unique places they visit along the bike ride and you get delicious samples of coffee and snacks at the cafes.

Nolan, October 2018


Jeremy and Alex were such nice people and extremely knowledgeable about Ocean Beach! The bike ride was really easy and the coffee and snacks were delicious!




Michelle, October 2018

What we’ll do:

Ocean Beach is California’s last hidden hippie doggie beach town and has been called San Diego’s most authentic beach town. This leisurely morning beach cruiser ride tours OB highlights two of its most well-known cultural culinary contributions – the pop-up coffee cart and the acai bowl. On our beach cruise you’ll see the landmarks of our beloved beach hometown including dog beach, the pier, sunset cliffs, and more while stopping along the way at the local’s favorite neighborhood coffee carts for snacks and tastes of the morning traditions that define Ocean Beach. An experience to remember lead by authentic local “OB-ceans” that will be the best way to start your vacation day and will be the highlight of your trip!

What we’ll provide:

Bikes and optional, but recommended, helmets. We will provide you water to drink and sunscreen if you need it. Safety First. Coffee and snacks provided at several stops along the way.


Who can come?

Guests 14 and over may attend

Private Bike Tours Available

Contact us below to set up your private bike tour for up to 15 people.
Beach - Downtown - Coronado Island 

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